Accounting and HR Office

About Us

We are Enimeris, an accounting and HR company, respecting and understanding in depth diverse needs. We create harmonious cooperative relationships with our clients and use our experience to offer personalized solutions and advice.

Based in Thessaloniki, we provide accounting, tax and consulting services as well as human resources services to businesses and individuals.

Our Philosophy

Our team was created to offer its knowledge and help with accounting, taxation and other professional matters that need effective solutions. We invest our time greatly in learning and educating ourselves every day, being aware of everything new on our field of expertise.

The reason we believe that our love for growth and pursuit of knowledge are so important, is because we want to face even the most hard challenges and help all our clients with sincerity and clarity.

Our Values


We face the difficulties of our clients one by one, with absolute professionalism and responsibility.

Continuous Progress

Our executives are trained constantly. We stay well informed about any new developments while using modern accounting and consulting methods.

Clientcentric Αpproach

We stand by the side of our clients’ side. We constantly provide support and guidance, aiming towards the best outcome.

Our team

Diana Haritonidou


Helen Irene Kosmidou

Class A' Tax Accountant

Marina Michailidou

Financial Analyst

Nikolaos Spyridis

Human Recources Department