Accounting and HR Monitoring to Beach Bar

Increased Productivity

Our client’s need

A beach bar in Kavala had rapid increase of customers and sales. Therefore, there was a raise in its daily transactions and administrative operations.

We aimed not to interrupt the smooth operation of the business. While the beach bar had to serve a growing demand, the client asked us to organize and coordinate daily transactions.

It was essential to achieve maximum quality in customer service of a continuously increasing clientele, while organizing administrative functions.

The solution we proposed

In order to help the beach bar achieve its goal, we created an integrated service package. We analyzed the services of the competition. Moreover, we improved the image of the company through the evaluation, search and training of specialized staff.

The achieved result

The client managed to increase the productivity of the staff. As a result, there was improvement in the provided service regarding customer satisfaction.

Also, by providing more suitable services, the beach bar managed to attract the desired clientele, without worrying about wasted resources and costs of administrative functions.

  • 100% increased productivity