Development Strategy to a Coffee Shop

Increased Sales

Our client’s need

A coffee shop in Thessaloniki was facing problems in fulfilling daily obligations.

The solution we proposed

Our central strategy was to strengthen the coffee shop’s presence in the market. In addition, the coffee shop’s target was to offer innovative services and products to its customers.

This way the coffee shop would become the most popular place in the neighborhood. It would also attract new customers from all around the city.

We offered a combination of consulting services in matters of administration, organization and coordination of human resources, in order to help the business achieve the desired goals.

The achieved result

The coffee shop, after our restructuring plan, gained a strong presence in the market. It offered products and services that differed from the competition. Consequently, it became the favorite hangout place for new and existing customers.

In particular, after a short period of following the strategy, operating costs decreased and sales gradually increased.

  • 80% increased sales