Financial Restructuring to Private Tutoring Business

Increased Cash Flow
Increased Profits

Our client’s need

A private tutoring business in Thessaloniki faced cash flow problems and had major operating expenses. These problems affected negatively the company’s profitability.

The company wanted to grow its revenue, but at the same time maintain both the existing teaching staff and the high quality of the services provided.

The solution we proposed

After checking the operational part of the business, we suggested administration improvement changes and course scheduling alterations.

Furthermore, through the evaluation of the teaching staff, responsibilities of each teacher were reassigned, without reducing the number of job positions. Thus, the private tutoring business managed to follow its philosophy for quality teaching while operating efficiently.

The achieved result

After the proposed changes, the business organization and working environment improved. As a result, the company continued to provide high quality education at a lower operating cost.

This led to a gradual increase in profits and cash flow while normalizing the company’s financial course.

  • 30% increased cash flow
  • 50% increased profit