Operational Restructuring to Educational Institution

New Customers
Decreased Administrative Expenses

Our client’s need

An educational group in Thessaloniki had high administrative costs. This led in difficulties of meeting its daily obligations.

The solution we proposed

We followed an integrated strategy plan to strengthen the company’s presence in the market and empower its brand awareness. Thus, the educational institution managed to reform its reputation and attract more interested customers. While colborating with other educational stakeholders it regained its value by careful management of its copyrights.

Furthermore, we evaluated existing associates and helped the business improve the way its staff was managed in order to create a better and more functional working environment.

The achieved result

After the operational restructuring, the institution entered to an economic empowerment era. In a short period of time its customer base grew larger, its position in the market became stronger and the administrative costs decreased significantly.

  • 27% new customers
  • 60% decreased administrative expenses