Accounting Services

At Enimeris, we believe that business accounting is an essential key-point in business growth. Thus, we offer accounting services for all business types or legal forms.

But, our services are not limited merely to bookkeeping. We provide complete monitoring of the business operations and evaluate its progress.

Thus, we identify possible weaknesses of a company. Therefore, we create a suitable framework for the right economic policies and strategic decisions to be applied.

Indicatively, we provide the following accounting services:

  • Single and double entry bookkeeping in our offices or at the company’s headquarters
  • Business set up, Foundation, Changes, Merging, Business Cessation, Company Clearance
  • Carrying out all State transactions (Tax Authorities, Insurance Organizations, G.E.MI., Region Stakeholders and Chambers)
  • Management and supervision of in-house business accounting offices
  • Updating accounting results on a monthly basis
  • Compilation and submission of withholding tax returns (VAT etc.)

Why choose our accounting office?

At Enimeris, we have a client-centric philosophy and we address your concerns by offering personalized and immediate solutions.

Moreover, our accountants have long experience. They have worked for companies of different industries, and they educate themselves constantly.

Also, we keep close contact with you and implement a complete accounting monitoring system that aims in the:

  • Timely updating of accounting books
  • Detailed reporting on business progress
  • Early problem solving
  • Preventing risks
  • Proper application of tax laws

Consequently, you can always keep control of your business, ensuring its proper and legitimate operation and longevity.