Career and Job Seeking Counseling

Career counseling is the professional guidance from special trainers and can greatly help those who are looking for a job. Through career advice and useful skill development, Enimeris team enhances your chances to get hired.

We offer advice on many professional specialties, but also on general task jobs, by studying the profile and needs of each person, to provide personalized counseling support.

Indicatively, we offer career counseling in the following ways:


  • Guide candidates during their CV composition and professional profile setup as well writing cover letters
  • Give tips about the interview process and behavior
  • Provide information and advice on job research and general career matters
  • Give tips on self-organizing during the job seeking process

Why choose us as your career and job seeking counselors?

If you are looking for a job that suits you or if you just want to upgrade your career opportunities, our consulting services can help you see a new page in your professional life.

In particular, you will have the opportunity to develop new skills, strengthen acquired ones and become even more productive in your daily life. At Enimeris, we focus on your unique personality and adjust our advice to your needs and goals.

Moreover, we have the needed experience and we follow every update in the job market. We focus on new opportunities and trends, and we offer our consulting services in real market conditions.

Using our advice, you will be able to excellently present yourself to future employers and you will be able to find the job that suits your character and personality.