Cost Accounting

Proper expense and production cost control in businesses leads to increased profitability. Businesses that do nοt know their operating costs in detail, lose the ability to set the right pricing strategy, face competition and reduce potential costs that burden their profits.

More than that, we offer cost accounting for businesses, referring to products and services. We determine the cost per unit of production and analyze the outlays.

Thus, we improve the profit margin for companies and give them the opportunity for better strategic decisions.

Indicatively, we provide the following cost accounting services:

  • Costing of products and services
  • Analysis of operating costs and production costs
  • Determining the cost of bank lending
  • Keeping a stock book, production – cost list

Why choose us to do your cost accounting?

For us, costing is not just an informative process for your business. We provide advice so you can improve the financial course of your business at a steady pace.

Our experienced executives have deep knowledge of the costing process and they are always by your side. In addition, all of our associates are constantly trained to be able to support you in any strategic move.

We want to actively contribute in today’s business growth. Through our services, we improve profit margins and more effectively control costs per unit. Thus, we strengthen the profitability of your business and give you the opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the market.