Debt Settlement for Individuals

At Enimeris, we offer debt settlement services and arrange private liabilities to the State and public bodies such as municipalities, tax offices, insurance companies, etc.

We submit the necessary application forms for debt settlement and we represent our clients to the respective bodies.

Indicatively, we provide the following debt settlement services:

  • Submission of tax and insurance regulations
  • Representation of clients in the Public Authority for the optimal debt management
  • Payment notes for installment deposit to the Public Authority and banks
  • Issuance of debt identity card for traffic fees
  • Submission and acceptance of lease agreements

Why choose our accounting office to settle debts?

For us, the debt settlement process is our opportunity to make it easier for you to take care of your obligations. We are always focused on finding the best solution available. This way you will not have to encounter any similar issues in the future.

Moreover, our primary goal is to provide the knowledge we have acquired. We resolve simple and more complex debt related issues. Our executives have all the necessary experience to support you during the settlement. But, they also hold the knowledge to guide you accurately in making the right decisions.

As a team, we feel helpful when facilitating people around us, providing solutions and fulfilling our vision through our work and actions.