Human Resources Services

Human resources play an important role in the efficiency of a business and thus, affects the quality of its services and products.

Therefore, finding the right associates and training them is a process that directly contributes to the growth of the business.

At Enimeris, we offer integrated human resource searching and evaluation services. Our service correlates fully to the needs of a modern business environment. In addition, through in-depth research and interviews, we identify candidates who fit in the role best and become useful assets for a certain business.

Indicatively, we offer the following human resources services:

  • Full research for the right staff.
  • Business support in staff selection.
    • Writing a job description.
    • Selecting the most suitable ad channel.
    • CV collection.
    • Evaluation of candidates.
    • Conducting interviews.
    • Suggesting final candidates.
  • Management and check on employee performance.
  • Training and progress of human resources.
  • Preparation of employee and corporate policies manual.

Why choose our human resources services?

Through our experience and human resources assessment skills, we can help your business select the right candidates.

Moreover, the specially structured personality, skills and ability tests we conduct, demonstrate which people are the best choice for your business.

Last but not least, we aim to provide human resources services, able to create a more efficient work environment. Therefore, we select staff and associates tailored to the needs of your business, able to give value to your products and services.