Internal Audit

Running a business smoothly leads to good financial figures. Possible business mistakes may not be easily identified or even ignored. This can negatively affect business profits and coordination.

At Enimeris, we identify significant problems in business operation, by performing internal audits. Thus, we prevent possible risks and help companies level up their management. We also provide guidance and support.

Indicatively, we offer the following internal audit services:

  • Audit on the in-house accounting department
    • Installation, organization and supervision of in-house accounting offices
    • Seminars for accounting executives
    • Accounting efficiency assessment
  • Internal audit of corporate departments and employees
  • Internal audit and stock organization
  • Tax audit to address problems
  • Monitoring the company’s profitability and compiling relevant reports
  • Continuous updating on current issues

Why choose us for internal audit of your business?

Our main goal is to create a functional business environment and a healthy business profile. Therefore, our audit services are an integrated system that detects business problems and department malfunctions. Afterwards, we propose efficient ways to resolve issues.

We have gained our experience from partnerships with different companies. This experience allows us not only to implement an effective internal audit system, but also to propose practical solutions. In addition, your business will be able to improve its operation, its management methods and its financial figures in a steady pace.