Investments are necessary for the dynamic growth of businesses. They are also important in maintaining business’s competitive nature. Successful investments can strengthen businesses and give them a significant competitive edge.

In our accounting office, we study thoroughly each investment. We, also, help the entrepreneur overcome possible obstacles in the implementation of his investment plan. Therefore, we find the ideal funding sources and study the future performance of each investment. This way we achieve the maximum possible reinforcement of the central business idea.

Indicatively, we offer the following investment services:

  • Elaboration of feasibility studies and investment viability
  • Evaluation and use of investment and financial tools
  • Evaluation of transnational and cross-border subsidized programs (Intereg, Life, Horizon 2020, Erasmus etc)
  • Search for funding through European and domestic subsidized programs (Development Law, NSRF, Leader, etc.)
  • Compilation, submission and monitoring of proposals for business funding and investment projects.

Why choose us to monitor your investments?

We thoroughly study every investment you plan to make and look for the right sources of funding for the upcoming investment. Thus we ensure the best solution for you.

Our executives have experience in studying investments from partnerships with companies of various industries. Studies are directed accordingly, in order to reduce the cost and to evaluate the total benefit that will arise for your business from this investment.