Payroll Management

Effective payroll management is linked to business proper functionality. Thus, with an accurate payroll system, the business abides by the legislation harmoniously and maintains a well-organized profile. More than that, we believe that a properly organised payroll creates a fruitful and fully productive working environment.

We offer payroll management services, in order to help businesses get freed from these time-consuming processes. Moreover, we manage the payroll of many companies, operating in different fields. Thus, businesses that trust us are totally reassured in cases of audits, while saving valuable time.

Indicatively, we offer the following payroll services:

1. Setting a salary budget

  • Budgeting and salary forecasting models
  • Calculation of salary costs before recruitment
  • Calculation of freelances’ payments based on contract
  • Salary budgeting and monitoring of employee in advance payments
  • Payroll cost analysis

2. Payroll support

  • Monthly payroll calculation and drafting payroll statements
  • Compilation and submission of work shift schedules and tables
  • Information updates on employee leaves and contracts
  • Issuance of all employee certificates and insurance documentation.
  • Monitoring and management of staff status abroad
  • Consulting on employee work schedule improvement

3. Full payroll management

  • Compilation and submission of all payroll documents
  • Checking, calculating and submitting staff stamps
  • Control, calculation and submission of additional insurance contributions on behalf of other auxiliary funds
  • Issuance, analysis and submission of payroll receipts per employee

Why choose us to manage your staff’s payroll?

At Enimeris, managing your staff’s payroll is not just a process for us. Our goal is to also strengthen the operation of your business and provide personalized support and advice.

We are always by your side, in order to respond instantly to your payroll management needs. In addition, we monitor all changes in the legislation and offer advisory support. Our methods comply fully with payroll State laws, while we continuously search for moves you can make to increase your profitability.