Taxation of Residents Abroad

For residents abroad, compliance with their tax obligations in Greece can often cause inconvenience.

At Enimeris’ accounting office, we simplify this process. We undertake tax pending issues of residents abroad while acting as their tax representative.

Indicatively, we provide the following tax services for residents abroad:

  • Transfer management of the client’s tax obligations to the country of new permanent residence
  • Fulfillment of tax obligations in Greece
  • Compilation of E2 and E9 declarations for rights in rem
  • Full management of the process of residents’ abroad inclusion in the respective insurance company in the country of the new permanent residence
  • Determining a tax representative and issuing online tax return declaration
  • Annual documentation and renewal of resident’s abroad tax specialty
  • Settlement of income issues

Why choose our accounting office as a resident abroad?

At Enimeris, we are constantly following all the relevant legislation updates, so we can meet our clients’ needs and be by their side. Moreover, we make sure of a correct and timely process management. Thus, our clients respond promptly to their obligations and save valuable time.

Our team can help you with your taxation in Greece if you reside abroad. We have many years of experience with clients living permanently in other countries. So, we can provide certainty in the management of your tax issues.